Clootwijck Nurseries, situated in the Dutch 'Land of Heusden and Altena' county, produces a wide range of ornamental and fruit trees and is specialized in the realization of turnkey nurseries for planting material, high-density orchards for fruit and ornamental trees. Besides that Clootwijck Nurseries provides advisory services and is active in the trading of nursery products.

Clootwijck Nurseries has strategic alliances and participations worldwide. Examples are: Rasadnik IVA (Croatia), AdaPlant (Turkey), Savvateeva Nurseries (Russian Federation), Plantae (Georgia), Fenglin (P.R. China), Morocco Fruit Development (Morocco), Tropic Joy (Ethiopia). Such international cooperation enables us to serve our partners and clients with a wide variety of fruit and ornamental trees. Types of fruit trees offered include stone, soft and pit fruit. 

Services include modern nursery and orchard design, introduction of new varieties, nursing techniques, crop optimization, business development, financing, training and more. Types ofruit trees offered include stone, soft and pit fruit. 

NAFTC and the Dutch Fruit Group 

As member of NAFTC (Netherlands Agro, Food and Technology Centers Association), Clootwijck Nurseries represents its Dutch Fruit Group, which it founded.
Aim of the Dutch Fruit Group: "To promote the specialized and innovative Dutch fruit tree industry and associated knowledge institutes as well as trading partners, to jointly develop new, and improve existing, cooperation opportunities abroad”.

Saving the environment

Clootwijck Nurseries considers it important to save the environment as much as possible. The nursery does not use artificial fertilizer and battles diseases and pests in a natural way with certified biological and natural means. Dutch nurseries are under control of the national SKAL Foundation, which checks whether indeed biological means are used.


The quality of the 'natural' Clootwijck Nurseries trees meets the expectations of garden designers and municipalities.


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