Our services include the realisation of complete nurseries and includes the supply of a wide range of varieties of ornamental and fruit trees, nursery & orchard design and realisation including advisory & training services with related equipment and materials. In addition, we provide support in business development, financing and added value creation. Examples of our services are mentioned under the reference investments under 'cooperation'. 

Urban Green, Estate Design & Realization
Clootwijck Nurseries designs and executes the realization of urban green areas such as for roadsides and parks and complete (new) estates. References include the ‘Kraaijenhof Estate’ lanes, the ‘MariaHoeve’ ornamental fruit orchards and of course our own ‘Clootwijck Estate’. We take care of planning, design and execution and cooperate in the proces with our partners Rasadnik IVA, Adaplant, Europlant and others.

Fruit Nurseries and Fruit Orchards
Clootwijck Nurseries designs and realizes modern fruit nurseries and fruit orchards worlwide, if needed on turnkey basis. We are specialized in realization of nurseries and orchards with “pit fruits” (apples and pears) as well as with “stone fruit” (a.o. plums, apricots and cherries) which are according to the wishes of the client fully equipped with certified plant material, modern equipment and accompanied by guidance in business development (transfer of know-how). To acquaint our international partners and clients with modern technologies and methods used, we offer a special training “Demo-Fruit Orchard”. -  Pruning utensils (scissors, saws)

Other Services
Supported by our mother company QuaTerNes and in close cooperation with other companies of the QuaTerNes-Group, we are able to execute and supply feasibility studies, process and project management, quality control and management, business development, marketing and sales support, investment, financing and grant support.