Research and advisory services

Crop rotation
Many diseases can be prevented by crop rotation, as some pests are related to a particular crop 'family'. When a plot of land is used for different crop 'families' in different seasons it causes the crop-specific pests to die of starvation. Clootwijck Estate offers knowledge of crop families and related pests as well as growing seasons and can assist farmers with developing an efficient crop rotation program for specific environmental and climatic conditions.

Irrigation management
Clootwijck Estate staff advise on which irrigation method and schedule is the right one for your crop, whether in arid or semi-arid areas. Our advise considers modern surface irrigation methods and systems and looks at the water needs of each crop and soil type as well as the influence of salinisation.

Pest control
Different pests have a different life cycle and interact differently to their environment. Clootwijck Estate manages pest damage and will do its utmost to use the most environmental friendly methods.