Clootwijck sells several honey and api products, such as honey and beeswax.
Currently the following honey types are in our range, each of them with a unique flavour:

Heidehoning (450 gram)
Rare honey made by bees from the nectar found in the Veluwer flower. Powerful characteristic flavour. Currently out of stock.

Summerhoney (450 gram)
Made in the summer from nectar from wild fieldflowers. creamy structure, gentle flavour.

Acaciahoney (450 gram)
This delicious honey is back in stock!

New this year:

Eucalyptus honey (450 gram)
Our Eucalyptus honey is specialy sourced from Southern Europe and has a characteristic caramel-like flavour. Currently out of stock.

Lavender honey (450 gram)
Pure quality honey with gentile lavender and almond-like flavour

Clootwijck Honey is sold amongst others at te Mill Korenmolen Nooitgedacht in Woudrichem, The Netherlands.