International cooperation

Beesides own beekeeping activities, Clootwijck Apiaries' sister company Honey International works with foreign beekeeping partners to obtain access to a range of honey products as well as unique 'honey of origin' and provides training in modern beekeeping methods.

Honey products and Honey of Origin

Foreign partners each make their own unique product.

Our Nepalese partner Gandaki Bee Concern is specialized in harvesting the rare Nepalese rock honey. Sangdi Honey Bee from China, provides a larges range of honey products such as Royal Jelly, Pollen and various flavours of Honey. Apinec Agro-Industry from Ethiopia sources quality honey, propolis and organic beeswax.

The Honey International network of experts provides knowhow on modern beekeeping, honey processing and marketing methods to foreign partners. These for example enable them to harverst more honey per hive or to produce according to international quality standards and thus gain access the world market.

Partners abroad van be trained in beekeeping in temperate and (sub) tropical areas, seasonal influences, bee varieties, breeding, honey flow and thrive design. In addition, in management extraction methods and timing, diseases and quality control.

Honey International
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